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Our graduate DJ student Ana Coba's first ever Mix is absolutely stunning.

Ana is originally from Russia and now settled in the UK.

Her passion for music and DJing is next level!

Her dedication to learning and the progress she's already making is remarkable.

She's worked very hard with Pablo to achieve this first mix and she's a great example of what anybody can achieve if you put the hours in.

Ana has definitely earned the title and can go around saying she's a DJ!

The mix is a great blend of music styles, from all things House to Indie, Re-Edits, Nu-Disco and all things in between and her mixing is flawless to say the least.

A total fave here at LSEM.

Head over to her Soundcloud to listen to more of her mixes and check on her progress.

She's already a regular guest at great blogs and DJ livestreams, generating consistent following.



Ana Coba finished her first professional DJ Mix learning at London School of Electronic Music
DJ Ana Coba

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