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Terms & Conditions


By booking or purchasing any lessons, courses or gift vouchers with London School of Electronic Music you agree to our terms and conditions as outlined here.


What happens if I am unable to attend a class during a group course?

When you book a course, you enter a fixed schedule for the entirety of the course. It is important to understand that the course is advertised on a specific day of the week that everybody agrees on by booking the course. Once enrolled, it is your responsibility to attend the classes for the duration of the course.


If you are unable to attend a class, you will, unfortunately, miss the class with no refunds given.


If you request a change in the schedule of a group course due to exceptional circumstances, you are asking other students and the tutor to rearrange their busy schedules to accommodate your needs. As a result, this change may or may not be granted, depending on the agreement of all parties involved and the tutor and school having the final say.


We run so many courses that we can't always meet everyone's needs, no matter how willing we are to do so.

Scheduling Your 1:1 Lessons


Lessons are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis so if you need a specific time slot please make sure you book in at least 48hrs in advance to secure your slot. If you choose to reschedule your lessons you may have to wait for a replacement slot to become available.


Your tutor or lesson location may change, we reserve the right to re-assign tutors or studio locations. We reserve the right to make changes to any bookings, even on the day itself.


Cancellations and Refunds 

Once you buy a lesson or a course you'll receive an order confirmation by email. You then have a seven-day cooling-off period to change your mind and obtain a refund as long as you contact us within seven days of purchase and at least 48 hours before the commencement of your lesson(s).


To obtain a refund you need to email us within the time windows described, cancelling a booking online via the booking system does not constitute a refund request. Refund requests must be emailed to us.


Once your course begins we cannot offer a refund or partial refund. If you cancel a booking through the booking system it does not automatically refund you and a credit will be held on your account. Refunds incur a 2% admin charge to cover our costs and our card carrier's fees. All courses are valid for 364 days before they expire.


If you fail to attend your lessons for any reason you will lose the lessons you’ve paid for. If you wish to reschedule a standard two-hour lesson for any reason you need to give us 48 hours notice or you will be charged in full for that lesson. If you need to reschedule a four, six or eight-hour booking you must give us one weeks notice. This allows us to fill the time slots and make use of our expensive studios. You will need to give us notice by e-mail and please e-mail the school directly and not your tutors' personal e-mail address or Facebook.


If you are late for your lesson you will lose that time which you have paid for. If you are trying to cancel or reschedule a booking make sure you realise that each two-hour lesson is a booking on its own and you will need to cancel or reschedule all of them as required individually.

Coronavirus Update * Our rescheduling policy remains as above. If you do not attend your lesson for any reason, including illness, quarantine, travel disruption or anything else you will lose that lesson. You have until 48 hours before to reschedule or postpone so make sure you use this window of time allowed to you.

These terms also apply to webcam and in-person lessons all the same.

Please also be aware that all our student materials, notes, drawings, presentations, videos and files are subject to copyright. You are permitted to access videos and notes for the duration of your online cours
e but you are not permitted to copy or download them. Any breach of this will result in prosecution.

Cancellations by us:

All Courses and Programmes are subject to availability and demand and it is your responsibility to confirm the status of a Course or Programme with our Course Bookings Team prior to the Course or Programme start date.

We reserve the right at any time:

To cancel Courses or Programmes and refund in full. No further liability will be accepted.

To vary Course or Programme dates, programmes, tutors, and venues.

We shall endeavour to inform you as soon as possible of any Course or Programme cancellation or variation.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within our literature and materials, including any Course or Programme description; however, we do not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. We reserve the right to cancel any Booking for a Course, Programme and/or Accommodation where any such error or omission has occurred, even after we have accepted such a Booking.

Tutor Assignment


We do not guarantee you will get the same tutor for every single one of your lessons. In the case of your tutor being unavailable, we will either reschedule your lesson or schedule you with another tutor at our discretion. 

Refusing Tuition


We reserve the right to refuse tuition to abusive students. We have a no-tolerance policy towards abuse of our tutors or clients and you will be asked to leave our studios.


General Data Protection Regulation

If you'd like to submit a request to learn more about the information we hold about you, amend it, delete it or otherwise please email us.

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