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Learn to DJ Like A Pro In Only 3 Months
Get Club Ready to Get Gigs
Play our Fresh Beats Events & Radio Show

LSEM @ Pirate Studios

Our Exclusive DJ Courses
at Pirate Studios Hackney

Learn to DJ in East London

Thumbs Up! LSEM | London School of Electronic Music. DJ Courses London. Music Production Courses London. DJ Classes London. Music Production Classes. DJ Tutors London. Music Production Tutors London.


LSEM's DJ Course is considered one of the best in London


Learn to DJ to get out there and get gigs.


3 students per class tops.
Get the attention you deserve from your tutor by being part of a small group of music heads.


Learn from friendly professional tutors with extensive experience in the music business.


Play on a great Sound System, not just on headphones.
Top-notch studios with the latest Pioneer CDJs & Mixer that you'll find in clubs.

Learn to DJ


Learn to DJ like a PRO in just 3 months starting with our Beginners Course.
We specialise in training aspiring DJs to make the first professional steps into the music scene.

By completing the course, you will have the chance to:

Our DJ Courses

Course Structure:


Learn the essential skills from expert tutors to launch your professional DJ career

Entry Level
No experience Needed

You'll learn:

  • How to get new music

  • Download, organise & create playlists on Rekordbox

  • Equipment overview in detail

  • Beat-matching

  • Basic mixing techniques

  • Understanding 'Phrasing'
    to Mix Flawlessly

  • Memory Cues

  • Introducing Loops

  • Harmonic Mixing


Refine your technical skills
Nurture your talent
Earn confidence to DJ  

Beginners Course
or Technical Knowledge

You'll learn:

  • Take your basic knowledge
    to the next level

  • Advanced Set Structure

  • Start preparing your playlists
    to record your first DJ mix

  • Memory Cues & Hot Cues

  • Rekordbox in depth

  • Beat FX to Mix Creatively

  • Mix Harmonically

  • Advanced use of loops


Take it to the next level
Get club-ready
Start to get gigs

Intermediates Course
or Mixing Experience 

You'll learn:

  • Polishing everything
    you’ve learnt so far

  • Advanced Set Structure
    & planning

  • DJ Performance

  • Beat FX to Mix Creatively

  • Advanced use of Loops

  • Execution and recording of
    your first 1 hour DJ Promo Mix

Upcoming Cohort:

The Tuesday Group Course scheduled to start in March is fully booked

Sign up for a new group on Wednesdays that Ashley will be leading

We are experiencing high demand. Act now as spaces are filling up quickly!



⌁ March 6th

⌁ Runs Tuesdays (7-10 pm)



⌁ Runs monthly

⌁ Starts first week



⌁ Wed 28th February


Make a decision your future self will love



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*Select your Pricing Plan at checkout


We are giving priority to students who want to do the entire 3-level course. 

If you’d like to just do 1 month, do get in touch anyway as we may still have a place for you. 

Our friendly team will answer all your questions and help you sign up.

Please use our contact form below or emails us at

Learn to DJ in London with our LSEM Headphones | London School of Electronic Music. DJ Courses London. Music Production Courses London. DJ Classes London. Music Production Classes. DJ Tutors London. Music Production Tutors London.

How does the LSEM DJ course work?


⌁ 3 Level DJ Course (1 level per month)

Beginners (No experience needed),

Intermediate & Advanced.

 4 Lessons of 3 hours each per level/month.

A total of 12 Lessons with a max of 3 students per course

 We have Beginner Courses starting every month on different weekdays to broaden your chance to fit it into your busy schedule. 
Of course, we keep the same weekday for the entire length of the course.

Learn at Pirate Studios

⌁ We run our DJ Courses at Pirate Studios in Dalston, equipped with the latest Pioneer CDJs & Mixer that you will find in professional clubs.


⌁ You'll learn from expert DJ Tutors who have tons of real experience in the international clubbing scene, and who care about your success, you are in for a treat!

Learn in a Small Group

⌁ Meet & mix with like-minded music heads!

Play one or two tunes at a time, bouncing off each other's energy and actively keeping the rotation going.


⌁ Learn from one another's mistakes as well as the doubts and questions you all have.

Your Music Style

⌁ Anything from House to Techno

Our DJ courses have a maximum of 3 students 

They quickly fill up, so secure your spot now!

How does it work?

Our Head Tutor

London School of Electronic Music| Learn DJ & Music Production Course | Pablo Ranacat. LSEM | London School of Electronic Music. DJ Courses London. Music Production Courses London. DJ Classes London. Music Production Classes. DJ Tutors London. Music Production Tutors London.


DJ & Music Production

LSEM founder and director Pablo Ranacat has over 20 years of experience as a touring DJ throughout Europe, particularly in London and Berlin, sharing the bill with renowned artists from all over the world. He has run his own label in addition to releasing his original music on many top labels.

Together with a carefully selected team of expert tutors, they specialise in training aspiring DJs and Producers to take the first professional steps in the music scene.
They'll mentor you to perform at our Fresh Beats Club Nights, Radio Show and Live Streams and finish your DJ mixes to industry-standard, to use it as promotional material to get gigs.


They'll share their top tips, tricks, and all their knowledge to help you improve your mixing, while keeping it fun and dynamic, with a maximum of 3 students at any given session.

Your Tutors

Watch our DJ Alumni talk about
our courses at Pirate Studios Hackney

'I decided to enrol in this course and my life changed so much after that. It's so amazing to have this guidance'

With Pablo's help and knowledge, I've managed now to become confident in what I do and, most importantly, I managed to get gigs, even in Morocco.

I rarely have seen a school that offers gigs, and I was invited to play at Netil Radio and I had even an interview, which is why this DJ Course is so special. 

Tamara Havoc

'It's given me the confidence to get creative with the music that I love to play'

Helen Casey

Now I know my way around different decks and some of the newer shinier equipment.
I feel more at home now in the studio than just a guest.
I can confidently play b2b with my DJ friends, and I even taught them some things that they didn't know.

'Pablo was so influential in helping me sharpen my skills in my favourite music genres'

Ana Coba

Pablo is a very talented, dedicated and supportive tutor with a vast knowledge and passion for music and DJing. 
I was always amazed by his ability to maintain a professional level while keeping it fun and creative. 

I really enjoyed my learning process with him. The structure of all lessons was great.

'All the stuff that's added like the gig and the radio show, went beyond my expectations from this course'

Jacek Rebkowski

... and the fact that we were in studios where we could listen to the sound through these amazing speakers. 
That's a massive plus since I heard other people doing DJ courses in bigger schools, fitting 10 students practising only with headphones, not listening to music on speakers.
So this was an absolute winner for me.


'I really recommend you
do the course'

Aimee Morris

I started the course 3 months ago and I already recorded my first 1 hr long mix and I will play live next month with a few of the other DJ graduates.
It's a really rewarding experience if you want to get your foot in the door of being a DJ.

'What I discovered as I did the classes was how much fun I had doing them'

Niall O'Sullivan

I had the most fun at the studio with Pablo just learning so much, listening to music, dancing, understanding how to use all the tools and also the understanding of music that Pablo brings to the table. It wasn't just 'here's what each button does', it's 'here's how a record should be played and mixed with another', 'here's how you build a perfect mix' and so much more.

Alumni Testmonial Videos