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9 Compelling Reasons Why DJs Should Dive into Music Production

Are you a DJ looking to elevate your craft and make waves in the music industry? Then it's time to explore the world of music production. Here are a list of compelling reasons why DJs should take the leap into producing and join our Ableton course starting next week.

Artistic Expression

Music production offers DJs a platform for deeper creative experimentation, allowing to express emotions, feelings, and ideas through your music in a way that DJing alone may not allow.

Discover Your Unique Sound 

As a producer, you can showcase your distinct sound and build a loyal fan base,you don't just rely on music you find, and you have full creative control over the vibe of your sets.

Collaboration Opportunities

Team up with other artists, producers, singers, and musicians. As you begin releasing on labels, you gain access to a far larger network of artists and industryprofessionals, receiving greater recognition from your peers.

Income Diversification

As a producer you can increase your profits with licencing deals, and streaming royalties, while also get noticed by DJ agencies that can add you to their artist roster and book you bigger and better paid gigs.

Longevity in the Industry

Production allows DJs to build a catalogue of original work that can continue to generate interest and revenue over time, regardless of DJing trends.

Personal Development

Producing music requires continuous learning and experimentation, which is not only one of the most fun activities as a music lover, but also leads to personal growth and development for DJs, both creatively and technically.

Brand Building 

As a DJ, you can increase your credibility and visibility in the electronic music community and beyond by releasing your original music on record labels or even self-releasing it to your online followers.

Satisfaction and Fulfilment  Creating music from scratch is a very rewarding experience, especially when you drop your tracks during your DJ gigs and set those dance floors on 🔥🔥🔥 !!!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your DJ career to new heights. Enrol today in the LSEM Ableton Foundation Course and embark on a journey of musical exploration and growth. Our April cohort begins next week via webcam on Wednesday, April 24th. What are you waiting for? Join us and start crafting your own signature sound!

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