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Group DJ Lessons 
@ Pirate Studios

Essential information to run your lessons

LSEM DJ Course


Hello DJ Tutor, 

Welcome to LSEM!

This is just a quick note to extend my sincerest gratitude for joining the LSEM crew.


Everything we do here, I believe, makes a difference in the lives of our students and ourselves.

I really hope that you share these values and find LSEM to be a great hub to connect with other like-minded professionals. This way, we can put all of our knowledge and experience to good use by sharing it with aspiring DJs and producers and helping them succeed in their lives and careers.


At the end of the day, it's all about making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others.


And please, while you're at it, don't forget to have fun. 


Making and playing music makes us happy, and it's what we do best, so it's clear that this is the most important thing.

I hope that these pages I've made for you will be helpful, but they are also works in progress. 

If there is ever anything you think I could do to improve my work, please let me know. Always.

Yours truly,


Pablo Ranacat

Founder & Director




Equipment you must bring

You must have this equipment below to run your sessions smoothly:

  • Your laptop 


  • Rekordbox with a few playlists including a few tunes that you feel comfortable mixing to show off.

  • Two USB Sticks (at least)

  • Headphones

  • One 5-way Headphones Splitter.  Check it out here


  • A Mini-Jack to Phono Cable to connect your laptop to the mixer 

Check it out here

I'm looking into getting branded items of all of the above, so I hope you don't mind getting yours for now and feel free to include them on your first invoice.


Equipment you must bring

At Pirate Studios

Studio Details: 

  • Your DJ Course:


We keep an email thread with your group that copies you in, so on the day of the lesson, we'll share the studio number we reserved as well as the door codes.

  • Entering the studio: 


 - You may enter the studio up to 10 minutes earlier if it is empty.

 - The only way to find out is to go inside and see for yourself.

  • Check the equipment:


 - When you arrive, the first thing you should do is inspect the equipment to see if there are any problems.

 - Normally, everything is fine at the Dalston branch, but should you have any problems, here's what to do:


 - Simply plug in your USB stick and start playing something as soon as possible, so that if something is wrong or broken, you can deal with it yourself or by calling customer service, which may take some time.

# The simplest option is to try to convince them to move you to another studio.

# Tell them you need their assistance right away since you are with students. 

# Please mention that we book studios 5 times a week or more

# They are usually very helpful and quick to assist.

There are some posters with phone numbers but you can try to call or WhatsApp.

 - Pirate Whatsapp (please save it on your phone)

+44 7446 669061


Our email account with them (they will ask you for it)

In case of any further problems, please don't hesitate to contact me:



Students issues: 


When dealing with student requests or issues, it would be ideal if you could handle it yourself, but if it is something you are unsure about, please let us know or ask them to contact us by emailing Nadine or Paul at

If they request a change of schedule:

If they ask for a change in the schedule, our policy is to try to be as flexible as possible. 

Since the groups are small, they can talk to the teacher and their other DJ classmates about it once they start the course.


Then you can all think about changing the date, but that can only happen if everyone agrees.


Obviously, you'll have the last word, since you'll have to change your plans if you say yes, so feel free to say no.


This is what we have in the FAQ section of our DJ page:

Since the groups are rather small, once you start the course you can put your request towards the tutor and your DJ buddies. Then they can all consider the date change, and the change can only be granted if everyone else agrees.


If someone does not agree to the change, which is possible, you must be responsible for the classes you would miss. Please keep in mind that all of our schedules are ultra-busy, and the course is advertised to run on a specific day. We are happy to be helpful and understanding, but we can only be so flexible because we run so many courses and can't always accommodate all requests.


We've done it in the past, but it becomes messy here and there as then everyone feels they can reschedule too. So it really has to be a very important occasion so we can make the exception. As with every other course, it's your responsibility to be available to attend the classes upon signing up.

At Pirate Studios

The DJ Course

This is the entry-level DJ course that aims to initiate electronic music lovers into becoming artists and perhaps making a living out of it.

We hope to guide them from their earliest days as musical newbies all the way to successful careers as DJs, producers, and musicians.

We specialise in training aspiring DJs and producers to take their first professional steps in the music scene. We mentor them to finish their music and DJ mixes to industry standards to be able to release them on record labels and use them as promotional material to get gigs and paid work.

Our website states that the goal of this three-part course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to begin a career as a DJ using Pioneer CDJs and a mixer.


I know this is possible because I trained music fans during this time, and some of them are now playing gigs and hosting radio shows.

We are well aware that there is much more to the story.


To get them to the point where they can play at major clubs and have their music released by major record labels (including the soon-to-be-launched Fresh Beats), we need to encourage them to enrol in our more advanced courses.


The DJ Course

How it all works out...

The aim of the course is to get students Club-Ready, to get out there and get gigs...


And walk away with:

  • A 1 hr Promo Mix. Professionally designed and finished to help you get those gigs.

  • Their First Gig. The chance to play their first performance at Fresh Beats -our exclusive event for DJ graduates

  • Playing at our Radio Show. The opportunity to be invited to play at our Radio Show on Netil Radio, hosted by our tutors.

The standard promotional tool in the industry is a one-hour mix, and the majority of club night promoters will expect to get a mix of this length. 

Throughout the course, we have them make their own mixes and then guide them through the process of doing so, first on Rekordbox and then in the studio sessions under our watchful eye.


And with our guidance, we help them achieve great mixing, by having them play what they've prepared and receiving feedback on how to mix better, achieve smoother transitions, and better plan out their sets as a whole.


Working towards the completion of this mix encapsulates learning all the foundation knowledge to become a DJ, from the technical side to the creative aspect of crafting a DJ set to rock a dance floor, which is of great value and not so typical as part of what is offered on other courses.

Aside from the training, the opportunity to play at our event and be guests on the radio show is the best possible final assignment that they can get. 


They are both very nerve-racking and dreamy things to do, but by getting into it, they are getting the best possible practise for the real world. Plus they get to have their 15 minutes of fame so it all works out quite nicely as a final outcome!


Because not all students come to learn to achieve all of this, not all of them complete all of these tasks.

As you know, some people are extremely passionate and dedicated, so they will inquire about all of the above and are eager to achieve all of it. 

These are the people who usually get to do everything, but there are others who, by simply attending the course and not putting in much effort in between lessons, are not quite there by the end of the course but still have the illusion of playing at the event or appearing on the radio. 

It's critical to manage their expectations by informing them that they must demonstrate their readiness for it, or at the very least work for it, in order to be invited to do all of this with us.

These are obviously excellent candidates for continuing their education through additional courses or one-on-one lessons, so please invite them to do so.

In an ideal world, encouraging students to finish their mix, play at Fresh Beats and the LSEM radio show is a win-win situation.

They achieve significant accomplishments throughout the course while learning all of the fundamental techniques required to break into the DJ world.


It paves the way for them to play better sets, instils in them the desire to become artists, and encourages them to continue learning.


It's a life-changing experience for them, and it has a very positive impact on us as well since we get to grow our community of artists who are pleased with the results they get from taking our courses, they recommend us to their friends, and we can share their experiences on social media with the rest of the world to keep the word spreading.

The Small Group lessons:


It is also worth noting that, as advertised, they will be part of a group of no more than three students.


This can be challenging to manage at times because they must wait their turn at the decks.


We need to be aware of this in order to manage their expectations, and one way to do so is to tell them that this is a great chance  

they get to learn and practise with like-minded people, which has advantages such as learning from each other's questions and abilities, as well as getting to know the music they choose.


Not to mention how much fun this is, especially when compared to 1-1 lessons or group DJ courses at other schools, such as Point Blank, where they get their own DJ booth while practising on their own, just with headphones by using the 'Cue/Master' Mix knob on the mixer, rarely playing out to the sound system and receiving little attention from their tutor. I dare to say this without trying to bash Point Blank because they are a large school, but I know this from reliable sources who were my students who came to have lessons with me after taking that course and being dissatisfied with it because fo these reasons.


So, when discussing how the lessons will go, please let them know that by plugging in the headphone splitter, they can all listen at the same time, allowing them to give their opinions or ask questions while keeping the group interaction nice and dynamic.


Taking turns on the CDJs:


Let them know ahead of time that they will be jumping on the decks here and there for no more than 5 / 10 minutes at a time. 

Some students learn faster than others, so when it's their turn and they start nailing mixes faster than others, give them the opportunity to mix two tunes instead of just one. 

Similarly, if they take too long to complete a mix or simply don't get it, it's a good idea to ask the others what they could do to get it right, or to suggest that 'next time they'll get it, now it's Laura's turn!':) etc.

This is the general idea behind this course. 

I'll be expanding on every single aspect much more on the syllabus pages, but for now, keep all of this in mind and feel free to share it with your students at any time.

How It Works

Content for the lessons

Please refer to the following page for tips and exercises for your lectures to help you run the classes.


Password: LSEMTutors2023

The First Lesson
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