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Sam is Music Production & DJ Tutor at London School of Electronic Music - Learn Music Production and DJing in London


Music Production Tutor

Hey music makers!

Are you ready to develop your skills and knowledge of music production? Whether it’s feeling happy, sad, hyped or ready to dance, we want to make our listeners feel something.

Learning from me will not only improve your technical ability but will also help you better understand how to create music which carries an emotional delivery. 


To start, I aim to understand what you want to achieve in the vast world of music production and build a tailored plan that is designed to help you use Logic Pro X to make music that you love and want to produce.

I encourage all my students to come to lessons with questions so we can start each lesson by focusing on the aspects of production that are most important to you.

Your goals are my goals, now let’s make some music…


  • Music Production

  • Live Performance,

  • Composition

  • Singing

  • Music in Sonic Branding

  • Songwriting

  • Record Engineer

  • Mixing

  • Mastering


  • Via Webcam

  • In English


  • Logic Pro X

  • Pro Tools

  • Izotope RX

  • Plugins


  • House

  • Deep-House

  • Pop ( & Sub-Genres )

  • Indie

  • Funk

  • Rock

  • Hip-hop

Sam is Music Production & DJ Tutor at London School of Electronic Music - Learn Music Production and DJing in London

Sam started his music career as an Artist playing and performing in a variety of bands since he was sixteen. His most recent project, Khaki Fever, is a retro-pop/funk band which fuses electronic music production with organic instrumentation such as brass and strings. Sam performs with a nine-piece band on stage and plays guitar, and bass and sings.

Working as a freelance Music Engineer for over five years has given Sam the opportunity to work with clients in a wide variety of genres including pop and its subgenres, hip-hop, rock, funk, folk and a range of electronic-based music genres. Sam specialises in mixing and recording and has received great reviews from all his clients.


As well as teaching, Sam works as a Music Producer and Composer in the world of Sonic Branding. Having worked with TikTok, 02, ESL, Arnold Clark, SRF Sport, Pilsner Urquell, Tombola, Bayer, Aramco and more, Sam has developed a real understanding of how to convey messages and emotions through music effectively.

This has also given Sam the opportunity to compose in a range of genres and effectively make use of genre fusion through production and compositional techniques.

Sam also works as a Music Producer for artist development studio SAFO. He regularly works with artists by not only developing their music and songwriting, but also teaching them the mindset and work ethic necessary to succeed in the music industry. Studio work really is Sam’s bread and butter, but understanding that working in the music industry is more about people than it is about music is at the core of his ethos.

Teaching has always been a passion of Sam’s. He has taught music production to students with a range of experiences both in person and online.


Outside of the music world, Sam is an experienced tutor teaching a variety of subjects including sailing in his home-county Norfolk and Kos (Greece); Maths GCSE and Economics A-level over the last ten years.

Sam is Music Production & DJ Tutor at London School of Electronic Music - Learn Music Production and DJing in London

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