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Gabbi is Music Production & DJ Tutor at London School of Electronic Music


DJ & Music Production Tutor

I've been a tutor for some somewhat years now and I love it.

​I have good insight from all these years of collecting experience and knowledge in the music field.
From DJing, Producing, running my Record Labels to promoting Clubnights to Mixing and Mastering.

Get in touch, and I'll guide you from anywhere you are in your music journey until you finish professional work.

I teach

  • Music Production:

  • Synthesis, Programming 

  • Recording 

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Mixing Techniques

  • 8D Mixing

  • Mastering (Digital/Vinyl)

  • Music For Video Games

  • MAx/Msp

  • DJing

  • Label Management

  • A&R


  • In-Person 

  • Via Webcam

  • In English, Spanish, Portuguese & French


  • Logic Pro X

  • Ableton Live Suite 11

  • Vinyl/ CDj's

  • Izotope RX8

  • Traktor

  • Serato

  • Unity/Fmod

  • Plugins

  • Max/Msp


  • Deep House

  • Tech House

  • Nu-Disco

  • Re-Edits

  • Techno

  • Minimal

  • Electronica

  • Chill out

  • Ambient

  • Breakbeat

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Gabbi is a London College of Music Masters Graduate, DJ, Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer and Record Label owner.
Originally from Paris, he moved to London in the late '90s, and since, he never stopped adding trophies to his music achievements shelves.

From releasing music on top labels and running his imprint to finishing work for some renowned artists, Gabbi has had the journey, so many of you are here to achieve.

He is considered by many a DJ's Dj.  He has played at most of the top clubs and festivals in Europe and South America

As an artist, he released music on Sony Music, Lobster Theremin, Archipel, Release Sustain, Psycostasia Detroit, Diffuse Reality, We going Deep and more.


As a Mixing and Mastering Engineer, he has finished pristine work for names like Boy George, Oli, Namliss, Terrence Parker, Fred P, Reggie Dokes, Lexi, Mekaal Hassan Band, Amir Alexander among many others.

With his ever-growing portfolio, he makes sure all his clients are happy and with the best sonic results.

Your first lesson via webcam is FREE
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