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London School of Electronic Music| Learn Music Production Course | Leandro Viernes


Music Production Tutor

I want to help you to understand and develop the basic notions of the legendary Sampler and Midi Production Center Akai MPC.  
Lest's sample your favourites records or instruments to compose and produce your own music. 

You'll learn to...

  • Enrich your workflow and skills in your composition/production process. 

  • Create, edit and save your own programs and libraries. 

  • Midi Language and sync your MPC with any DAW or any MIDI interface. 

  • Compose and produce your tracks/albums or live set only with your MPC without a computer.


  • AKAI MPC Workshop

  • Music Production


  • In-Person (Berlin)

  • Via Webcam

  • In English & Spanish


  • AKAI MPC: 2000XL, 1000, 2500, 5000, Live, X, One, Touch, Studio Black and Renaissance

  • Alternative OS JJOS (only for MPCs 1000 & 2500)


  • Electropop

  • Synthpop

  • Pop

  • Dark Wave

  • Indietronic

  • Folktronic

  • Downtempo

Leandro Viernes - Azul Curacao

Leandro Viernes - Fingir Real

London School of Electronic Music| Learn Music Production Course | Leandro Viernes

As a solo artist, Leandro has achieved what

many can only dream of...


Lead singer, producer, arranger/composer, guitar player, sampler expert.

He's released two albums, three EP’s, one single and 7 official video clips. 


In 2005 was eagerly accepted by the Latin American audience which led him to be selected as ‘Alert Artist of the Month’ by MTV Mexico.

His live performances have been taking him

to several South American stages and an independent European Tour in 2017.

Official Diploma: Composer and Arranger.
He completed his musician and composition studies at the “E.M.C”

(Berklee College of Music, Argentina).

Your first lesson via webcam is FREE

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