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London School of Electronic Music| Learn DJ Course | Kat Kat Tat


DJ / Event Organising / PR Tutor

I started to teach about three years ago as I had friends asking me to show them how to DJ after a gig in a bar where I held a residency. I straight away knew that I was going to teach on a regular basis because it felt so good to share my knowledge.

I love connection, and it is a total pleasure for me to help you find your path with the tools I can give and the things I can show to you.


To become a DJ is an individual quest, a journey to oneself. It is also a musical journey -- with many detours into different universes: the technical challenges, the selection, the context. The business side of it all. All of these aspects are part of the big picture, and all of them matter in our sessions.

There are so many individual ways to get you where you want to be, so let´s get into it together and find out what works best for you.


Lets set realistic goals, strengthen your skills and grow your prospects. DJing with vinyl is a passion that easily becomes a life-time profession, and there is always something new we can look into.  

Let´s have fun playing together.


  • DJing

  • Music Journalism

  • PR

  • Event Organisation


  • In-Person (Berlin)

  • Via Webcam

  • English, German & Spanish


  • Vinyl


  • Minimal

  • Techno

  • House

  • Electro

  • Happy Hardcore

  • Downtempo

London School of Electronic Music| Learn DJ Course | Kat Kat Tat

After revolutionizing Argentina's vibrant underground, K ΛT KΛT TΛT explores her

native Berlin since 2013.

An electronic music journalist working for publications like Raveline, Meoko, WKD, and Mixmag, leading writer teams around the world in different editorials, travelling huge raves and underground spots, and feeling and spreading the vibes of the habitants and birthplaces of scenes and sounds, she picked up the basic virtues: freedom of expression, connective elements and innovative sounds that respire her free and open-minded spirit are the underlying motives of her DJing.

Her sets comprise vanguard tendencies and finding a raw and uncompromisingly experimental/explorative approach to playing vinyl only.

Her passion for intertwining the future of house, electro and techno with her firm and investigative, global roots, is paramount to her celebration of electronic music culture.

DJing all around the globe in places like Berlin, Buenos Aires, Bukarest, Paris, Cluj, Montevideo, Bogota,  Rosario, Cordoba, Vienna, Amsterdam and Gothenburg, alongside respected artists such as OCB aka Driss Bennis, Bruno Pronsato, Z@p, Anthea, Cape, Dani Casarano, Ed Herbst and Yoshitaca, to name but a few.

Moving on to organize events not only in her spiritual homeland Argentina but also in her native Berlin, K ΛT KΛT TΛT lets all her experience culminate in the organization of her own event called    ̶̶ɯ̶̶̶o̶̶̶̶p̶̶̶̶u̶̶̶ɐ̶̶ɹ and her weekly radio show Replikants on 8bitzradio.

Your first lesson via webcam is FREE

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